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The external communication put in action from the public relations is proposed to help the enterprise to grow in harmony with the working ambient.

The enterprise, deciding to activate the services of public relations, decides to take into consideration attitudes and judgments of the public opinion.

The goal is to strengthen the own external image creating, consolidating or modifying the judgments and the attitudes of its publics of reference, that is toward whom they express or they can manifest judgments or opinions, like as an example: the public average, institutions, the associations, the consumers and the customers.

Press relations

The responsibles of the public relations of an enterprise to gain the favor and the consents of its public, move in various directions, one of these is the press.

And through the press, the television or the radio the public opinion has news of the activity of an enterprise.

Technical means of communication and instruments ad hoc like: informal or formal encounters, with journalists, professional press conferences, official notices, seminaries and collaborations, are the instruments of good relationship and strengthening the image of the enterprise.

Events creation

The creation of events consists in re-uniting a group of individuals to make participate with an event, created in order to amuse every individual of the group to a message that concerns it.

The event aimed to create an emotion or to provoke one’s adhesion, than being the launch of products, one reunion of distributors or one convention of sale.


Sport, cultural or economic, the sponsorship institutionalizes the brand, permitting to tie its name and its image to a manifestation (a concert a world-wide championship) and an other agency or enterprise (a museum, a sport society) to a person (a singer, a champion of the sport) that they concur the exploitation of the image.

On the contrary of the other instruments of communication, the sponsorship does not concur to supply information on the company and its products, but the notoriety of a brand can increase or be put on one higher stand.


The poster is perhaps the more ancient method used in order to communicate, in order to sell, in order to make propaganda.

However, also being ancient means, the external communication has conserved intact its fascination and its spettacolarity.

Closely tied to logic and the city structure, the posting has known to adapt to
various shapes and to evolve from the technical point of view in order to increase its impact: three-dimensional elements in relief and out of focus effects, have become by now an irreplaceable city element in a position to
add color and joy to the cities in which we live.

For its nature, the external communication addresses indifferently to all.

The only possible selection, during planning, is in fact the geographic one: concentrating the single message in a determined locality or, in the case ofthe larger cities, in some quarters.


The first fundamental step that is necessary to complete in a media strategy is bond to the planning, which concurs to establish the goals and to formulate the plans for reaching them.

The goals that are to be caught up in a press advertising are surely those of being “seen” from the greater number of public, and a sufficiently high number of times to be sure that our message comes remembered.

The press is a tool of great effectiveness not alike the television, permits the reading, re-reading and quite to conserve the advertising page.

The press, above all in the case of the daily paper and some reviews, is for tradition means of great prestige, particularly adapted therefore to improve the image of a company or a product.

Publicity is more than just receiving press coverage.
It’s about projecting the message that you want to convey — one that can increase your revenue, your image,
your web site traffic and ultimately your profit.

And that’s where our services aim to help.


As a small business owner or manager, exhibiting your products or services at a trade show is a critical element of your overall marketing mix. If you haven’t tapped this marketing opportunity, begin today.

We can help you devising the best way to show in the trade show you choose. Also, we can help you find the best trade show that fits your business and budget.

Why should you attend a trade show? Because business owners can place a great deal of emphasis on the information they receive at them and may expect your business to be there. They may be more likely to purchase from a company once they’ve visited an exhibition for their product or service.

So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the trade show floor!


Ephemeral mass media tool, the radio is the mean that do not come very used, also because creatively, having only the single sonorous support, it is difficult to deal with.

Although the radio in Italy is used little by the planners, its ought to be said that it is a remarkable tool of communication.

It is a mean that provokes emotion, that evokes the images, that makes the listeners dream.

It is a followed medium: how many persons have the habit of hearing to it while they complete other tasks?

quite two people on three daily syntonize on one wireless station, and for about 145 minutes per day.